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  1.5" Micro Tubes

  1.5" Electric Micro Tubes

  1.5" Tri-Color Micro Tubes

  3.5" Salty Tubes

  3.5" Two-Tone Tubes - Fatty

  4.5" Handpoured Salt Craws

  5" Salty Tubes

  5" Salty Cinko Worms

  Salty Grubs

  7" Handpoured Salt Curtail

  7" Handpoured Salt Paddletail

  Garlic Fippin Chunk

  Phenix Kit

  Phenix Jig Heads


  3 1/2" Tubes and Two Tone 4" Salty FlipTube

5" Salty Tubes

FT200 Black with red flake

FT201 Black with chartreuse tail blk flake

FT202 Pumpkin with chartruse tail blk flake

FT203 Black with blue tail blk flake

FT207 Smoke with black, purple & alpha flake

FT212 Smoke watermelon with copper flake

FT213 Watermelon with black & alpha flake

FT217 Copper sand with big copper flake

FT221 Pearl silver flake

FT225 Pumpkin black and red flake

FT243 Smoke watermelon with small gold flake

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  3 1/2" Tubes and Two Tone 4" Salty FlipTube

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