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  1.5" Micro Tubes

  1.5" Electric Micro Tubes

  1.5" Tri-Color Micro Tubes

  3.5" Salty Tubes

  3.5" Two-Tone Tubes - Fatty

  4.5" Handpoured Salt Craws

  5" Salty Tubes

  5" Salty Cinko Worms

  Salty Grubs

  7" Handpoured Salt Curtail

  7" Handpoured Salt Paddletail

  Garlic Fippin Chunk

  Phenix Kit

  Phenix Jig Heads


  3 1/2" Tubes and Two Tone 4" Salty FlipTube

5" Cinko Salty Worms

5CW221 White Black Flake

5CW224 Pumpkin Black Flake

5CW225 Pumpkin Black & Red Flake

5CW230 Camo-lam. Purple, Red & Green Flake

5CW270 Laminated Melon Gold with Clear Silver Flake

5CW272 Melon Caney, With Green & Purple Flake

5CW901 Dirty Bubble Gum

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  3 1/2" Tubes and Two Tone 4" Salty FlipTube

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