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  3.5" Salty Tubes

  3.5" Two-Tone Tubes - Fatty

  4.5" Handpoured Salt Craws

  5" Salty Tubes

  5" Salty Cinko Worms

  Salty Grubs

  7" Handpoured Salt Curtail

  7" Handpoured Salt Paddletail

  Garlic Fippin Chunk

  Phenix Kit

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  3 1/2" Tubes and Two Tone 4" Salty FlipTube

3.5" Salty Tubes

ST200 Black with red flake

ST201 Black with chartreuse tail black flake

ST202 Pumpkin with chartreuse tail black flake

ST203 Black with blue tail black flake

ST205 Smoke with black, blue and green flake


Picture is currently not available


ST206 Smoke with black and red flake

ST207 Smoke with black flake

ST208 Smoke with silver flake

ST209 Green with red flake

ST210 Green with red flake, clear tail

ST211 Smoke watermelon black flake

ST212 Smoke watermelon copper & black flake

ST213 Melon with black flake

ST214 Chartreuse SILVER flake


Picture is currently not available

ST214A Pearltreuse silver flake

ST215 Chartreuse black flake

ST216 Sand

ST217 Copper sand

ST218 Clear black silver flake

ST219 Milk with black and gold flake

ST220 Pearl white

ST221 Pearl silver flake

ST222 Oystershell black flake

ST223 White

ST224 Pumpkin black flake

ST225 Pumpkin black and red flake

ST226 Pumpkin black and green flake

ST227 Green pumpkin black flake

ST228 Green pumpkin black and red flake

ST229 Brown black and red flake

ST230 Camo - small red & green flake

ST231 Dark camo - sm red & grn flake

ST232 Mustard with black & red flake

ST233 Mustard with sm grn flake, square black flake

ST234 Cotton candy sparkle

ST235 Dark cotton candy sparkle

ST236 Smoke watermelon w/ orange & red flake

ST237 Green with copper flake

ST238 Green with black flake

ST239 Goby

ST240 Oystershell gold sand

ST241 Green pumpkin black and copper flake

ST242 Clear copper flake

ST243 Smoke Watermelon with smal gold flake

ST244 Pumpkin with green - square black flake


ST245 Pumpkin w/red and square black flake

ST246 Smoke black and copper flake

ST247 Smoke black and purple flake

ST248 Smoke watermelon with purple flake

ST249 Pumpkin w/ square black flake

ST250 Goldfish

ST251 Brown black/silver flake

ST252 Smoke purple/silver flake

ST253 Black copper silver flake

ST254 Orange pumpkin with black flake

ST255 Green with black & copper flake

ST256 Brown with square black flake

ST257 Brown with red & square black flake

ST258 Pumpkin with clear tail black flake

ST259 Brown with green - square black flake

ST260 Pumpkin with small black, green, and red flake

ST261 Yellow with black flake

ST262 Glow

ST263 Clear with big red flake

ST264 Glow pepper & silver flake

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  3 1/2" Tubes and Two Tone 4" Salty FlipTube

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