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  3 1/2" Tubes and Two Tone 4" Salty FlipTube

3.5" Two-Tone Tubes - Fatty/Skinny

Item Number
TST300 TST300R Pearl Two-Tone
TST301 TST301R Clear Silver Two-Tone
TST302 TST302R Chartreuse Two-Tone
TST303 TST303R Clear Gold Two-Tone
TST304 TST304R Oystershell Sand Two-Tone
TST305 TST305R Oystershell Two-Tone
TST308 TST308R Sand Two-Tone
TST309 TST309R Pearl Two-Tone Silver Bottom
TST310 TST310R Camo Two-Tone
TST311 TST311R Smoke Watermelon Two-Tone
TST313 TST313R Cotton Candy Two-Tone
TST314 TST314R Orange & Dark Green Two-Tone
TST315 TST315R Green Pumpkin Black Flake/Melon with Black Flake Tail

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  3 1/2" Tubes and Two Tone 4" Salty FlipTube

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