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  Phenix Kit

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  3 1/2" Tubes and Two Tone 4" Salty FlipTube

1.5" Salty Micro Tubes - Electric Colour

Item Item Number Colour
SPS01 Electric Red/ Pearl
SPS03 Electric Red/Chartreuse
SPS04 Electric Silver/Pearl
SPS05 Electric Orange/Chartreuse
SPS06 Electric Purple/Pearl
SPS07 Electric Gold/Chartreuse
SPS10 Electric Silver/Pink
SPS11 Electric Silver/Chartreuse
SPS13 Electric Orange/Amber Pepper
SPS14 Electric Gold/Pearl
SPS15 Black/ Electric Silver/ Pearl


Black/Electric red/ Chartreuse
SPS18 Red/ Electric Silver/ Pearl
SPS20 Black/Electric Silver/Chartreuse





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  3 1/2" Tubes and Two Tone 4" Salty FlipTube

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